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A short film directed by Nicole Lewis and produced by Donna Hogan.
After sick Jeremy is kidnapped by thugs, his doctor, the immortal Eliza, seeks to save him and protect her medicine, the Immortalin. After her young cancer patient, Jeremy, is kidnapped by mysterious thugs, Eliza must rescue him and protect her special medicine from her power hungry, past lover, Theodore. 

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Behind The Scenes

There was a lot of fun making this film with a lot of fooling around, action and stunt work and a lot of hard work into writing the script and bringing the script to life. Everyone who worked on the set are still good friends and when it got down to business it was long hours but it was worth it!


Immortalin – Nicole Lewis & Donna Hogan

Nicole Lewis is a Creative Director with a list of film credentials, heading up the creative of a film making studio. Donna Hogan is an award winning film maker.